Pardon my lack of unbridled optimism

So news comes that wunderkind skipper Joe Girardi is in the running to be the O's new manager, while Sam Perlozzo is kicked to the curb.

The man who got Perlozzo fired; if Guthrie had pitched worse, the bullpen's woes would have been less noticeable.

Perlozzo was no answer, it now seems clear. But blaming him for the Orioles' struggles is like making Doug Lute the Iraq fall guy--Sammy P may have just taken the wheel, but this ship's been sinking for a decade. The offense is anemic. The bullpen is a disaster. The owner is in need of a recall.

Not that Girardi or Davey Johnson--who never should have been fired in the first place--wouldn't be welcome replacements. But they wouldn't be working with much.

Given the parade of players, managers, and front-office talent out-of-town, it's pretty clear the problem lies with the bird-brain at the top.

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