Mark Philippoussis needs a reality show to score chicks

There are a number of things that are just utterly wrong about "Age of Love," the new dating reality show that premieres tonight.

1) Mark Philippoussis is somehow on the wrong side of 30 years old. Barring some Agassi-like renaissance, his tennis career's basically peaked. Does anyone else remember when he burst on to the scene, the 19-year old with the killer serve upsetting Sampras at the Australian Open? I thought this guy would revolutionize the game...mostly because his name would give copywriters fits, but figured he'd win a Grand Slam event or two.

2) Mark Philippoussis, despite this blog's title, does not need a reality show to score chicks. Batman's got his rogue's gallery; who knows what Scud keeps to remember his past, ridiculously attractive loves.

3) Mark Philippoussis is being marketed, against a track record that screams otherwise, as a guy who could pick a "cougar" for his potential life partner. See NBC or this self-serious promotional video, courtesy of BuzzSugar.

(Oh, a social experiment? Why didn't you say so! Looks like NBC's found the solution to its ratings woes: Steal tactics from PBS's Frontline.)

I watch reality TV even less than I wager on it, but even I think it'd be a major upset if Philippoussis didn't choose a "kitten." This is a guy who got engaged to a high schooler when he was in his mid-20s. Of course, that didn't end so great, so maybe this is part of NBC's shtick--that the older women will have something he's never experienced before.

Man, the post-NBA finals, pre-football training camp period really is a sports wasteland, isn't it?

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