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From the Washington Post: Feinstein agrees--July is lame for sports.

From ComcastSportsNet (random, I know): From cyclist to author, Floyd Landis now on a different kind of tour.

From Slate: The physiology of competitive eating, just in time for tomorrow's Hot Dog fest.

Also, the latest NBA Live trailer posted below, courtesy of IGN. The game looks flashy and all that, but while the graphics are marginally improved, on close inspection the players still look like stiff automotons. (I don't mind seeing a blank-faced Tony Parker, but when the camera zooms on a zombie-like Jameer Nelson bringing up the ball...well, it mildly creeps me out, at least). Understandably, sports video games still haven't gotten over the uncanny valley effect, where the close-to-lifelike players just look weirder than the more cartoony video game athletes of the past. Plus, there are at least three players in the trailer now wearing the wrong uniforms, which seems odd considering how EA could fix it so easily; it's not like Ray Allen et al. need to actually come into their offices to re-tape the commercial.

Beyond the griping, though, looks like a worthy buy..

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