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Having received my due offering of a cigar and rum from Pedro, I shall provide you all with my observations of the recent ALDS series between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Bankees.

1) Fausto Carmona is absolutely incredible. ‘Nuf said. Jobu had the honor (a word I bestow rather infrequently, given my lofty status as a demi-god of the Caribbean) of meeting Fausto in Kansas City last season, when few knew of him. He is a kind soul, but his pitches are ludicrous.

2) Paul Byrd must be illiterate. Or at least he doesn’t read the papers, or perhaps just doesn’t care. Because he was a workhorse last night. He put the Indians in a position to win, when most prognosticators said he was guaranteed to send the series back to Cleveland for a 5th game.

3) $200 million doesn’t buy what it used to. Or rather, it still does – old, oft-injured players who care less about the team and winning than they do about their mansions. Jobu disapproves. Check and see what being in the lower 1/3 of MLB salaries has done – produced 3 of the 4 LCS teams.

4) My young devotee, Pedro Cerrano, has previously mentioned on this forum that he disliked the intense and near immediate adulation given to Joba Chamberlain after but a few innings in baseball. While even I admit that the young beast has talent, he was certainly proven to be human in Game 2. Or perhaps more INhuman than ever. I mean, the midges were bothering everyone, but they stuck to him, like, well, one would expect bugs to do around that notorious space mobster with which Joba shares more than a name.

5) The Tribe has pitching, both in their starters and in the ‘pen. They have a young and potent lineup that has a new hero every night. Jobu does not make predictions, but he does look forward to an exciting ALCS.

PS. One more thing. While Tom Hamilton, voice of the Indians, is a broadcasting and play-by-play master, Jobu now worships at the alter of Fashion God Craig Sager. Who else wears purple shows and matching pocket handkerchiefs on national TV? That man has style!

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At October 9, 2007 at 10:24 AM, Blogger Crucifictorious said...

Byrd was a revelation. And quite a contrast, when he (by his own admission, a balding, short, slow-thrower) and Mussina (former Cy Young contender, longtime ace, and--let's face it--a sharp-looking guy) were both on the mound...the portrait of two aging pitchers. Love the baseball playoffs...all 800 hours of it.

And it's painful as an O's fan, but the guy has now won more big postseason games than Moose.

At October 9, 2007 at 1:33 PM, Blogger Jarrett Carter said...

You really make me wish I had watched that game instead of the Buffalo meltdown.


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