Artistical cheeses of the week

Like Shaq shooting free throws, Photoshop is totally out of my wheelhouse. You can hardly tell, right? Maybe I'll improve on my early work one day, but for now it's cool, since our blog's about riters, not artistes.

Of course, guys like the Wizznutzz and the Hype Guy are complete masters of the Photoshop game, which makes their blogs not just cooler than ours, but a lot more entertaining to look at. When your blogmates are writing 2,000 word essays on the history of the three-second violation...which may happen one of these days...this "readability" thing starts becoming more important.

But we're not going to get better at Photoshop, and since we can't just steal other blogs' creations--as much as I might secretly want to--here's the next best thing, a few links to some of the more amusing mash-ups I've seen recently. Enjoy.

Bullets Forever
Nick Young keeps going, and going...
CP3->N.O. The point guard is more machine than man.

NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness
The sweet dance of victory in Hotlanta

Make 'Toine an All-Star
Teaching kids, conducting an orchestra, fighting with the Empire...Employee #8's been a busy man

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