Why can't newspapers clone Deadspin?

We confess to being fascinated by the symbiotic--if not parasitic--relationship between newspapers and blogs. No longer do blogs spend hours merely deconstructing a paper's coverage; increasingly, it's the blog breaking a story that the newspapers have to react to (and in turn, blogs then react to their reaction). According to Slate media critic Jack Shafer, the process leaves newspapers with "already chewed news." Delightful stuff, if you're a newspaper man pondering your career options.

And if you're a blogger--well, duh. Skip ahead.

(What's also interesting, if not surprising, is that some of the more successful bloggers had their origins in traditional journalism. A guy like Bill Simmons or Mike Florio does a spin around a news desk, then bugs out to have it his own way on the 'Net. But that's another topic for another day.)

Thus, it's no secret that newspapers are freaking out about losing share to the Web space and throwing writers online, trying to figure out how to gain eyeballs in this new space. (We can only imagine what some of those conversations are like).

But forget the dedicated team blog, which just extends a beat writer's column and taps into an existing audience. No, we're curious about the all-purpose blogs, the ones that cover the sports scene and try to be "hip" and "clever," winning new readers even as overall circulation declines. The Washington Post and Tribune Company and others' attempts to grow Deadspin in an office building.

In many ways, newspaper sports blogs should be the best of the best--the writers have press passes, professional relationships they can cultivate, even resources around the newsroom--that the typical basement blogger can't compete with.

But while we've been spoiled by the Post, we had a hunch that many newspaper blogs leave something to be desired.

Professional journalists are still bound by convention, namely that their employers limit what they can cover. You don't see links mocking Miss South Carolina or even Mr. PHILADELPHIA. Plus, a lot of the writers are...well, old. If you've been in the business for two-plus decades, learning a new style of writing isn't easy, let alone welcome.

So, over the next few days/weeks/whatever, we're taking a look at what the papers have come up with. As a rule, we avoided team- and sport-oriented blogs to focus on all-sports blogs--ones that didn't have a built-in audience but had to cultivate their own (like a Mister Irrelevant or With Leather have done, as opposed to a TrueHoop or BulletsForever). We stuck to the major sports towns and, as an informal guide, came up with a few metrics that seemed fair.

* Post length: Hey, working against readers' limited attention span is important.
* Output: And so is keeping things fresh.
* Style: How the blog's written (like an AP article or a self-help column) goes a long way toward standing out.
* Hat-tips: How much love is given to non-newspaper blogs.
* Following: The best metric would be utilization, but since that's kind of opaque, we used the imperfect gauge of comments.

This post has been in the works for weeks, and we have some thoughts on how newspapers can best position themselves, given their advantages (access, funds) and drawbacks (funds are still fairly limited, stodgyness). But first, we'd like to give you the national scope, which offers a clear picture of the leaders versus the stragglers. Thusly, here's how the Atlantic Division of newspaper blogs shakes out:

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Various authors

A good test case for our rationale. Overall, the AJC offers a comprehensive blogging product--each local team warrants its own blog (populated by commentary from beat writers), while the paper also commissions fan blogs of various quality (The "JunkyardBlawg," tracking Georgia football and written by an AJC copy editor, is very good; less good is Braves-fan blog "ChopChick," which appears for the first time in months with a "post" called "Will the Braves do it?" Here's the entirety of ChopChick's eloquent thoughts:
We’re heading into the final stretch and the Braves are scrambling to make the playoffs. They’ve won five in a row? Will they do it?
Answer: NO.)

But we're overlooking those other blogs to sniff out a general sports blog...and you know what? The AJC doesn't really have one. The paper comes closest by wiring its sports columnists into a blogging system--enabling comments from readers--but there's no dedicated "general sports" columnist, although Jeff Schultz appears to be the closest thing to a catch-all. The stories here are all from the print edition, as far as we can tell. So that's what we'll review.

Post length: Long. Typically 600+ words.
Output: Frequent. Usually, three-four columns per day between the columnists.
Style: Traditional, columnist-speak.
Hat-tips: None. Again, these are traditional columns.
Following: Very strong. Many stories have dozens if not hundreds of comments. Again, these are traditional columnists with pieces appearing in the print edition, not just online, so readers can very quickly chime in after their morning review. Who knows--it's cost-effective, with a built-in audience. And after all our searching from coast to coast, maybe this is the way to do it.

Baltimore Sun
O, by the Way
Bill Ordine

As Baltimore sports fans, we want to like this blog. Really, we do. But, like watching "The View," O, by the Way leaves us confused, angry, and depressed. Perhaps it's because Ordine isn't writing to us but seemingly targets a completely different audience: The AARP set. The blog features a mid-day "musical interlude"--a YouTube video that occasionally reaches back to 1940s song-and-dance movies--and morning recaps are titled "About last night, dear." In Ordine's words, "Heavens to Betsy"!

Post length
: Short to average. 200 words.
Output: Very frequent. Five-six posts on the average day; however, the majority of stories might as well be ESPN news alerts. Take a Monday in early September--the order of posts went Travis Henry's fatherdom, Randy Couture's UFC win, Vick's plea deal, Vick's apology, Lance Briggs' car crash, Falcons' post-Vick plans. Basically, nothing you didn't first read somewhere else.
Style: Conventional. We feel like jerks, but we can't stand Ordine's writing. There's no trace of humor, wit, or insight in his stiff prose. Although...he's getting better!
Hat-tips: None. YouTube is generally as close as it gets. There were a few links in a post about Brady Quinn's hairstyle a few weeks ago, but only to the images--not to the actual blog posts or mass of existing, funnier coverage of Quinn.
Following: None. Most stories receive no comments. We have strong suspicious about regular reader "Captain Jack," especially after a ginned-up argument between the good captain (who apparently comments only on O, By the Way) and "RavenBullet"--a poster never seen before or since on the Sun's blog pages.

Boston Globe
Eric Wilbur

When we started this project a few weeks ago, we were immediately intrigued by the posts on the front page; Wilbur picked up a New York Times story on Ratatosk, the mythical squirrel from Norse mythology, and a YouTube clip of aged BoSox and Yanks competing in a Captain Morgan carnival. But despite the name, this hasn't been a Boston blog so much as another Red Sox blog, although the return of the Pats appears to signal a shift in focus.

Post length: Average. 400 words.
Output: Frequent. Wilbur's longer features are mixed in with shorter blog posts, contributing to about one-two posts per day.
Style: Traditional/conversational. Wilbur reads like a columnist, but he's not too self-important to self-deprecate.
Hat-tips: Limited but improving. In early September, the only non-YouTube link we could find was a link to the Seventh Inning Stretch's
Boston version of ESPN's "Who's Now"--although the address was mislinked. Now, Wilbur links to relatively well-read blogs like UniWatch and Fire Joe Morgan. It's not adventurous, but Wilbur's positively kingly compared to most of the other newspaper blogs.
Following: Unclear. For better or worse, the Globe doesn't enable readers to comment on any of its blogs. But with our limited exposure to Wilbur, we liked this guy.

Miami Herald
Random Evidence of a Cluttered Blog
Greg Cote

Cote's a Herald columnist, so his blog mixes stories he's written for the print edition with a few shorter online blurbs. This was decently written and suited to the online world, although we weren't especially attached to anything Cote covered.

Post length
: Short. 150 words.
Output: Ok. A post a day, on average.
Style: Confrontational and inquisitive. Cote asks questions of the reader, but primarily just builds off issues raised in his existing columns.
Hat-tips: None
Following: Strong to very strong. Many posts receive a few dozen comments, reflecting the avid Florida sports scene. Of course, being a columnist who stirs the pot, not all the responses are positive. Writes one commenter, "Why do you even write a blog? The Herald must hold a gun to your head every time you publish this joke of a section. A five year old could replicate your effort." Despite getting so much feedback, Cote never seems to respond to the criticism nor engage his readers at all.

New York Daily News
Daily Blahg
Flip Bondy

We were a bit stuck with the options in New York. Yes, the city has a ton of papers, but we weren't all that taken with most of what passed for all-sports blogs. The Daily Blahg pleasantly surprised us, though.

Post length: Average. 350 words.
Output: Frequent. About once a day.
Style: Conventional, if a bit confessional. Bondy's been in the game for 24 years, but we're impressed that he made a solid transition to a different format; he's got the blogger's sense of self-deprecation down pat. A typical post has Bondy picking a news hook (let's say, the Mariners playing late on the West Coast), and jumping off from there with observations and commentary. The posts have an insider's feel to them, too, which we liked.
Hat-tips: None.
Following: Very low. While the occasional Blahg got a handful of responses, a great number of posts were comment-less, which has to be disappointing--the News has wide circulation and this is well-written stuff.

The New York Post doesn't really have a general blog--just a "backpage" where all the generic news is lumped, with links to actual articles. The tagline ("Whether in the press box or locker room, the Post's bloggers can't be beat") is humorously delusional, though.

New York Times
Various authors

We made an exception here to represent the gray lady; yes, it's a baseball blog, but at least it encompasses the Mets, Yanks, and the rest of the league. What made our decision easier is that this is pretty good stuff. Original reporting, some inside info...and the Times writers aren't exactly shabby.

Post length: Short to average. 250 words.
Output: Frequent. About two posts a day between the Times baseball staff.
Style: Conversational. We found the writers to be surprisingly laid-back and engaging, ranging from tales inside the locker room to personal anecdotes.
Hat-tips: None.
Following: Mediocre but improving. In early September, a few posts drew a dozen or so responses, but most were comment-less; as the playoff push has heated up, however, the commenters are starting to emerge in droves (210 comments on whether the Mets will make the postseason). Still, there were plenty of posts with not a single comment to be found. We found this amazing: The country's greatest paper should be able to draw a decent audience for one of its premier sports blogs. On our end, while we can't stand the Yankees, we enjoyed this one enough to come back.

Orlando Sentinel
Various authors

Although it's a different part of Florida, visiting the Sports Buzz must be like attending a Marlins game. It's depressing, clearly no one else goes, and you're not sure why anyone bothered in the first place.

Length: Short. Most posts are under 200 words.
Output: Minimal. A handful of posts pop up every few weeks or months.
Style: Conversational, although it ranges from author to author.
Hat-tips: None
Following: None. The blog suffers from being a weird catch-all, with a number of writers weighing in on completely disparate topics. But they're not -uninteresting- topics. Case in point--a post from April wondering whether Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan would stay or go. You'd think some reader would weigh in on a champion and icon's next steps. You'd think.

Sports blog
Various authors

Neither the Philadelphia Inquirer nor Daily News seemed to have a general sports blog, and we looked all over their sites. For shame! Instead, we found an all-purpose blog on PhillyBurbs.com, which is a consortium of smaller papers, like the Bucks County Courier Times and the Intelligencer. It's almost unfair to compare it to efforts at much larger papers like the Boston Globe and the Chicago Tribune...but hey, we're doing it anyway.

And from live-blogging a football game at Coatesville High--Rip Hamilton's alma mater--to writing about WWE, this blog *does* cover the spectrum. But how good or innovative is it? Eh. Draw your own conclusions when, Mike Patrick-style, the editor starts a post pulpit-izing "I've just about had enough with Britney Spears"...and he isn't trying to be funny.

Post length: Short to average.
Output: Very frequent.
Style: Varies. Seems like the entire staff pitches in.
Hat-tips: None.
Following: Limited. Several posts got about a dozen comments; others were completely ignored. Some bloggers were strongly disliked. Wrote one commenter to "Thanks Hank"--which, Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"-style, listed out the ex-HR king's name 755 times--"You're officially the most annoying person on the planet. Never blog again."

Washington Post

While the DC Sports Bog is our hometown hero, we must confess our bias--Steinberg has linked to this blog on one occasion before and admitted, on television, to actually enjoying us. The Bog has somehow risen above these gaffes, however.

Post-length: Average to long. Most posts are several hundred words, although Steinberg has been known to run features of 1,000+ words. And, reading these posts--like this run-in with Bill Walton--you're glad that he puts in the time.
Output: Exceptional. Steinberg usually posts 5-7 times per day. And not the brief posts like the Sun-Times' Full Court Press or the rehashed coverage of the Sun's O, by the Way, but original and creative reporting that often involves leaving the newsroom.
Hat-tips: Exceptional. The Bog runs a regular "Top 5" of other area blogs, in addition to linking to numerous sites in various posts. [Full disclosure: The Bog has linked to our humble blog before.]
Following: Strong/unclear. This was a subject of internal WRG debate. When Steinberg writes about DC-area newsmakers--Gilbert Arenas, SportsTalk 980, Eastern Motors commercials--he'll draw dozens of comments. But so many posts are too esoteric to connect with the average reader; last month, for example, a series of posts on the Rugby World Cup each drew just a handful of comments. What distinguishes Steinberg's following is how universally he's loved--"Dan Steinberg Does God's Work" wrote in one commenter--plus his scope (as a co-host of the televised Blog Show and frequent name-check on other blog sites). Steinberg's situation reminds us of the Arrested Development phenomenon--a TV show so smart, not everyone got the joke; it was bound to be a niche. But for our money, of any of the newspaper blogs we looked at in the Atlantic, the Bog was head and shoulders the best; Steinberg is the only guy who fully understands, not to mention supports, the blogging community.

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At September 27, 2007 at 5:20 AM, Blogger Ty Keenan said...

This is a tremendous feature. How many follow-ups are you guys planning on writing? I hope this becomes a running feature.

At September 27, 2007 at 3:33 PM, Blogger Crucifictorious said...

Kind words are appreciated, Ty. The plan is to stick to the 28 major sports cities with some sort of wrap-up/conclusions (so broken out over four-five posts in the next week+). But if you're suggesting to milk this as a running feature...there -is- a whole nation of questionable newspaper blogs to explore, from the Akron Beacon Journal to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

(Although it could be too much of a good thing; there's a reason CSI: Scranton hasn't been greenlighted, you know?)

At September 27, 2007 at 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great article--useful stuff. I'm attempting to do the Atlanta general sports blog over at Atlanta magazine, and it's always good to see what folks value (and don't) in a blog.

At September 27, 2007 at 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is about sports blog, but you said you were Baltimore folks. Have you ever read the food blog on the Sun's site? I'm sure she's nice, but I mean, she reviews Paneras and TGI Fridays and stuff. I think she's getting better?

At September 27, 2007 at 9:37 PM, Blogger bdure said...

Good rundown, though I'll have to nit-pick a little on this point: The numbers of comments doesn't tell you the true story on popularity. If you have a particularly newsy blog, plenty of people will read it without commenting (see Ben Mutzabaugh's business travel blog "Today in the Sky.") You can also have posts that draw hundreds of comments, but when you look a little closer, it's just five or six guys yelling at each other on a post no one wants to read.

The site that's way out ahead of the curve, blogwise, is the Houston Chronicle's. Those blogs are mostly beat-specific, though it helps them expand their reach with, say, an MMA blog.

If you get around to mine, I'd appreciate the feedback.

At September 27, 2007 at 9:44 PM, Blogger MCBias said...

(stands and claps) nice work! I read Bondy once and liked the blog, but forgot to go back. He's good. And same thing with Stein', of course.

I'd argue with this idea that sports bloggers are truly breaking stories, though. It's true in politics, but not yet in sports...unless you count awkward moments with ESPN personalities as "news". Can you give me some examples? I'm sorry if it sounds I'm raining on your parade; this is great work, and I'm impressed. But the lack of true original stories (as opposed to witty takes on stories found elsewhere) is where bloggers can still pick up their games.

At September 27, 2007 at 10:23 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

What about me?!

Neil Best

At September 28, 2007 at 1:30 AM, Blogger Crucifictorious said...

Wow--the O's actually win a baseball game, while Deadspin and BulletsForever show WRG the love. An evening of surprises. Thanks for reading and the various comments.

In order-
* Jay, the thoughts and heads-up are appreciated. We'll check out Right Down Peachtree--but no more Sports Gone South? Certainly, you've got the inside angle on what makes a good blog.

* Anon, I've heard that she's a nice person (Charm City's a small town)...but what can you do--it's Baltimore, Jake.

* Beau, totally agree that comments are a poor proxy for readership, but until papers disclose their utilization, it's all we could think to go on (probably should have made our misgivings more clear). Also agreed that a cadre of commenters has potential to dominate the boards, but we tried to screen for closed conversations by reading a few weeks' worth of any given blog (which is how we noticed O, By The Way's serial commenter). And theoretically, the number of guys who want to yell about things should scale with the size of your readership, right? As we'll talk about in a later post, we think commenters *are* important--they build a proxy community that gives a site life in between an author's posts. Not to mention, signal to the first-time visitor that it's a blog with a following.

As longtime Rocket fans, we definitely love the Chron website, and don't know how Jonathan Feigen is so wonderfully responsive to readers. We did check out a few of the general-sports blogs (our assessment to be posted later) and were impressed by the "fan blog" experiment underway.

Also, we goofed and didn't even think to look at the national papers (such as they are--it's USAT and the WSJ, we suppose). Consider Sports Scope slated for review.

* MCBias, one piece of "breaking news" immediately comes to mind--via BallHype, we read about the Oregon Duck's beatdown of the Houston Cougar three days before it was on PTI and nearly a week before it popped up on CNN. It's not exactly word of a mideast peace deal, but for the YouTube generation...

Ok, two thoughts: First, breaking news is completely relative in the blog age--we'd argue the Duck story had more legs than half the football news this month--and second, your point is a great one. To the former, we may have overstated the sports blog's role in uncovering stories and, sure, swapping out some hot air for real insights makes for a better blogosphere. But we were focusing more on the already-chewed news implications; basically, less Watergate and more Cameragate. For example, by the time we read about Shawn Marion's desire to leave Phoenix in this morning's paper, we'd already seen it online in numerous forums--and really, the paper's coverage was a lot less thorough and insightful. It wasn't that Taking it to the Rack had some special scoop, but they were able to get their more-entertaining thoughts up well in advance of the staid competition.

But to your point, we found a concern with breaking stories: It isn't always rewarded. Not to spoil our "conclusions" post here, but we felt that the masses want to vent about Vick, not read about Victor Strauss, water polo phenom. We look at Steinberg, who's constantly uncovering random and intriguing pieces around D.C.--sure, the rare story really blows up, like a behind-the-scenes look at the Dead Tree Crew, but plenty of other off-the-wall pieces on rugby or Bad Breath Night at the ballpark don't get a whole lot of traction. Then Steinberg posts a standard "top six athletes in DC list" that any blog could mail in and gets 50 responses. Not to mention, any post about the Redskins or Wizards (which already get covered to death by the WaPo and the blogs) is bound to be among the more popular posts of a day or week. What sort of message does that send?

And should we compare the breaking-story ability of basement bloggers (for lack of a better term) to the journo-pros who have all the advantages of traditional media? We don't think that's fair; the paper blogs should be held to a higher standard, sure, and play to their strengths to get unique insights (like the NYT's Bats blog). But if the rest of us are balancing a blog with a full-time job or educational gig, we have to pick our spots--creating original content is pretty time-intensive, as you no doubt know from Moderately Cerebral Bias.

* Neil, our bad for omitting Newsday--NYC just overflows with dailies, and we arbitrarily went with Bondy while knowing that we wanted a NYT blog, even if we had to adjust our parameters. We'll keep an eye on WatchDog and here's our thumbnail thoughts: Punchy prose; amusing tone; nice mix of news blurbs and even helpful hints. But we're with MCBias on this one--some original content couldn't hurt. Too bad playing Feinstein to LBJ's Knight fell through, that could have been a huge opportunity.

At September 28, 2007 at 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree with your thoughts on the AJC sports blog. While I don't exactly think highly of the "Chop Chick" or some of the other quasi blogs they claim they provide, the one standout among the group is definitely Dave O'Brien's beat blog, which might be one of the best blogs in the nation in my opinion. He offers his opinion on a range of subjects and has a devoted following amongst his contributors, similar to deadspin. If you're going to mention the virtues of what the AJC provides in its blogs, you clearly chose to leave out O'Brien's blog and cover the worthless blog of the "Chop Trick." So, if you haven't read O'Brien's blog (who just recently won an award for best blog), you should do so because if I was a newspaper I would model any nascent blog on his. It's one of the best I've seen.

At September 28, 2007 at 9:34 AM, Blogger Crucifictorious said...

Anon, thanks for the comment and thought. We don't disagree that the AJC has many, many good blogs devoted to an individual sport or team.

And sure, we pick on ChopChick as an AJC fan blog gone bad, but we did mention the strong JunkyardBlawg, too.

But the point wasn't to discuss the dedicated blogs--we're looking at all-sports blogs. It's actually a crucial distinction. It's much harder to grow an audience if you're not tapping into a ready-made fan base. (Although, true Braves fans have always seemed few and far between...but that's neither here nor there). So to be honest, we didn't even look at Dave O'Brien's blog as it didn't fit our criteria.

At September 28, 2007 at 10:16 AM, Blogger Adam G said...

Nice work, WRG. The dynamic between the papers and blogs is only going to get more interesting as they converge.

I've been able to "break" stories on my blog, but it's pretty rare.

I had a piece that I'm 100% certain I had the in on that I posted before I went to bed and tipped out to Deadspin and a few others. By the end of the next day it had been on PTI and the Tonight Show. It can happen, but it's pretty rare, especially as the mainstream media focuses on more of the ancillary stuff that happens around sports.

At September 28, 2007 at 10:18 AM, Blogger bdure said...

Another thing to toss into the mix here -- in a lot of cases, "overall circulation" isn't declining, if you define that as the number of readers a news organization is reaching through various media. The problem we face on the business end is making enough money off the Web to subsidize a full-fledged newsroom. We're getting better at it, but people forget what a cash cow newspapers were for several decades, flush with multiple pages of department-store ads and classifieds that readers would actually seek out. That's tough to replicate.

Love the Friday Night Lights reference, by the way. Wonder if we'll hear that band in the new season, however long it lasts.

At September 28, 2007 at 11:54 AM, Blogger Jarrett said...

Outstanding work.

So good, I have nothing foolish to say.

On second thought, I do. Agent Steinz cranked dat Soulja Boi on Blog Show this week and almost made me pull a hamstring from laughing.

At September 28, 2007 at 6:31 PM, Blogger Ty Keenan said...

Cruc: I wasn't advocating milking -- dear god, why would anyone want to discuss or read anything related to Worcester?. I think I was hoping for something more along the lines of "if a major news outlet starts doing something after we're done with this feature, then WRG will cover it."

Again, great work.

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