Evidence mounts: This guy is Goode

It's tough to select your blog's official athlete.

(Truly, try it sometime. It's like a combination of choosing a college or naming your firstborn.

But harder.)

Should he be a recognized star or an emerging prospect, in keeping with your site's identity? Is he known for gritty perseverance or fluid grace, like your writing style?

Heck, should he be a he?

For WRG, we've narrowed it down, via a calculus of factors that can be parsed to these simple requirements:

He has to be Goode. As in, of both ability and stock.

We're not rugby fans--otherwise, we'd celebrate the exceptional Andy Goode; while we have some loyalty to the Terps, tight end Jason Goode avoided our notice last fall, much as he escaped Boston College defensive backs.

Really, from the first moment we saw his play and stat lines, the answer was obvious.

Jeremy Goode, come on down.

A sophomore point guard for Mount Saint Mary's, Goode led his team to the first win in this year's NCAA tournament: Tuesday's play-in victory over Coppin State. However, he initially registered on the WRG official radar back in December, recording a near-triple double in an upset of Loyola, and then winning league player-of-the-week 10 days later.

We love that Goode is cat-quick and apparently "mercurial"; we like less that there's no footage of him online, save a few seconds of dribbling out the clock. He's also exceptional at driving the lane and drawing fouls, with one of the top free throw rates in all of D1 despite his shorter stature.

Courageous, talented, a winner.

All ways I've been described. Oh, and I guess Goode gets that sometimes too. He's an appropriate WRG flag-bearer, especially during the NCAA tournament.


It's been noted before: Sports is a business. And who's to say that another player won't come along to grab our eyes? Or that, with tourney success, Goode will grow too big for WRG and start demanding to be the official athlete of Storming the Floor or the Mid-Majority instead?

So, why lock both sides into something we might regret? Jeremy, let's just say you're one of our few faves, pending official blog athlete arbitration.

But, readers, I guarantee: We'll definitely stick with Goode as long as the Mount survives in the NCAAs. He'll get the consistent, nurturing support our site is known for. On an unrelated note, good luck to the team in their game tonight...what was it, vs. UNC in Raleigh?

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At March 21, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Blogger JC said...

I so had my money on Alabama State's Chief Kickingstallions, but a good choice nonetheless.

At March 22, 2008 at 3:04 AM, Blogger KGoon1590 said...

glad to see you guys back in the game.


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