Sympathy for the bedeviled

We've focused on basketball--when we've focused on blogging at all--but with the Wizards ascendant, it's only humanitarian to check on our sports-fan brethren: The Redskins faithfulless.

As Bog-ger extraordinaire Dan Steinberg reports, the situation is increasingly grim, as signs of trouble are appearing everywhere (except in the stadium):
There are scattered efforts to rally the disgruntled masses, but nothing sticks; perhaps the myriad websites, t-shirts, and Excel spreadsheets are just too-complex for the average Hogette.

No, simple-minded football fans need a simple, mnemonic device--say, a fight song!--and the current options just won't do. Enter Rachel "I got dumped for Obama" Keller, sounding appropriately mournful whilst revisiting a local classic...

God bless you, fans of vaguely racist local football team. We know how it feels to be aboard a sinking ship; trust that one day, it'll turn around and you'll sail to warmer waters. Or perhaps you've already hit that $100 million iceberg and must now scuttle Albert Haynesworth on the bottom of the Potomac.

(Enough with tortured metaphors on non-roundball matters; please return to your regularly scheduled Dagger now).


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