The logical conclusion

Who could forget Tony Scott's immortal drama Days of Thunder? That's right - no one. When Cole Trickle (no connection to true-life former NASCAR driver and owner of the greatest sports-name ever Dick Trickle), portrayed by everyone's favorite Scientologist Tom Cruise made his great comeback, I'm sure you went crazy in the theater along with everyone else.

Well, we no longer need to rent the DVD to achieve that same thrill of watching L. Ron Hubbard's chosen few race to victory.

That's right - the Church of Scientology is now sponsoring a NASCAR-style team. Kenton Gray, a successful driver on the regional NASCAR circuit, will be the driver of the No. 27 Ford leading "The Dianetics Racing Team." The car will have a large Dianetics logo, inviting all NASCAR fans to "Ignite [Their] Potential."

Won't the roar of the racetrack disturb the silent births?

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