Mark it down: November 2

So the NBA schedule is out and the Wiz are facing the new-look Celtics in the first Friday night game on ESPN next season.

It'll be the C's first regular-season game, so you know all of America will be tuning in. Well...all NBA fans in America, that is. Who are home on a Friday night. And take November basketball seriously.'ll be me, Simmons, and this guy. And who knows, that guy sounds pretty down on the C's-- he might make other plans.

I'm agreed with my co-bloggers--while the Celtics are much improved, it's far too early to start fitting them for rings, let alone Atlantic Division championship t-shirts. The team's depth is totally gutted, their current starting point guard can't make a jumper, and there's no guarantee an aging threesome that's never played together will make it through the season healthy.

So I'd like to think when the 'zards come to'll be a competitive game, at the least.

Of course, the remaining free agents supposedly now are flocking to Boston, Gary Payton couldn't shoot when he was a rookie either, and Garnett and Pierce are generally healthy young men. I could simply be jealous that the Wizards' vaunted big three of Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler, and Antawn Jamison is now totally about everyone, it seems. Doesn't highest scoring trio in the land count for something?

Hey, 1.4% of America and I know what's up. Maybe they'll watch the game with me.

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