Garnett in Boston? Wake me in October.

Everyone is always looking for the next trade on the horizon or the next big shakeup. For all of the hype that surrounded Allen Iverson's departure from Philadelphia, how many people actually paid attention to what he did in Denver?

This trend doesn't just exist in the NBA or just with trades. The NFL, NBA, and even the MLB drafts have all become big spectacles because people want to see what is next or what could be. By doing this, they don't focus on what is actually happening on the court or on the field. With regards to Garnett, it is undoubtedly exciting that he is going to Boston, and people talk now of how he will affect the chances for the Celtics.

But I wonder how long it will be until that is forgotten for the next rumor of a superstar on the move.

In reality, most of these rumors don't even turn into anything at all. Wasn't Kobe supposed to have been traded to about three different teams by now?

Rather than worrying about where he might go next, fans should simply enjoy him where he is. Anything else that happens to him should be taken as simply another bit of unexpected, additional excitement beyond his greatness on the court.

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