Getting real: NBA Pacific Division preview

If you've somehow missed all the NBA previews--or are simply jonesin' for more--top bloggers helped We Rite Goode boil the season down to a few catchy soundbites that can be used to impress at cocktail parties or keggers. After you've read our methodology here, check out what bloggers see in store for Kobe, Baron, and Bibby.

1. Phoenix Suns
Steve Goldman, Born and Raised

Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen, but some things are pretty much certain. Phoenix will win at least 55 games, win the Pacific Division, and will make the conference semi-finals. Depending on who the opponent is and how the team performs on game day, the Suns may get to the conference finals, and possibly even the NBA finals.

Reasoning: The Suns have one of the strongest rosters in the league. They have three players who are likely to make the all-star team (Nash, Stoudemire, Marion) plus Grant Hill, Raja Bell and Leandro Barbosa backing them up. Last year, the Suns went 61-21 (.744). This season, the Suns roster is improved, so it is perfectly reasonable to expect the results to improve. This team has the potential to win the championship, and we shall soon see if the Suns manage to unleash their potential and go all the way.

2. Golden State Warriors
Ty Keenan, Plissken at the Buzzer

Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: Win 40-45 games, sneak into the playoffs, and lose to a non-Dallas opponent in the first round. Baron only plays in 65 games, Captain Jackson gets suspended three times, Monta vomits all over the playoffs again, and Marco's awesomeness only gets him to the Top 10.

Reasoning: I love this team to death, but they still play an incredibly risky style, which means that it could all come crashing down any minute now. I still think we're good enough to get to the playoffs, but I'm not expecting another matchup quite as felicitous as the one we had against the Mavs.

2. Los Angeles Lakers
Carter Blanchard, Plissken at the Buzzer

Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: Limp in to the postseason at around .500 before a frustrating first-round loss to Phoenix for a third straight year. Bynum, while improved, fights for minutes with Kwame who still can't catch a pass and Mihm who looks rusty throughout the year. At some point, Kobe goes Mayo and randomly punches Sasha in the face.

Reasoning: The frontcourt will continue to be injury-prone and defensively-questionable, Fisher will be too old while Crittenton and Farmar will be too young, and Sasha probably deserves it on some level.

4. The best NBA team in Los Angeles--the L.A. Clippers
Clipper Steve,
Clips Nation

Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: There are actually two possible non-playoff scenarios, one that would still make me relatively happy, and the other that is the most likely. If the team were to start the season 4-20 without Brand, the Elton would take his sweet time coming back, and indeed they would finish near the bottom of the league. The silver lining on that turd of a season would be a high draft pick. More likely, the hole will be big, but not so big that Brand doesn't rush back - it'll be hard to keep him off the court anyway. A late season push will come up short, the Clippers will win 38 games and once again have the 17th best record in a league with 16 playoff teams. Hello 14th pick in the draft. Again. In this scenario, the team will also fail to develop their young players adequately - Thornton, Paul Davis and Josh Powell will be getting splinters in their butts while Ruben Patterson racks up big minutes in his one season stopover in LA.

Reasoning: Hey, it's the Clippers right? In 25 years, they've had things go reasonably well exactly once. Coach Mike Dunleavy Sr. has done a poor job of drafting talent and a worse job of developing it in four years on the job - his tendency is to play veterans, and he's got plenty to choose from with Patterson, Cat Mobley and Sam Cassell on this roster. They'll work hard, and they'll battle. But without Brand and with Cassell turning 38 in November, they simply won't have the talent on the floor to compete in the early going. They'll dig themselves a big whole in the 2 to 4 months Brand is out. But they'll be too proud (or too stupid) to tank outright and grab those ping pong balls.

5. Sacramento Kings
Tom Ziller,
Sactown Royalty

Forget what they need to do; here's what they will do: 30ish wins, with an All-Star bid for Kevin Martin and a debatable return on Mike Bibby's head.

Reasoning: Reggie Theus is not Jesus, sorry. Kevin Martin seems primed for worldwide respek', and Bibby's cap number is too ornery to get a perfect package in return... so I assume at least another season of crap contract or a couple years of mediocrity will make the return flight in Sacramento.

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At November 1, 2007 at 7:50 AM, Anonymous Phil said...

This is great and all, but when does We Rite Goode go back to the normal stuff?

At November 1, 2007 at 11:15 AM, Blogger Jarrett Carter said...

This is the normal stuff.

WRG is like a box of chocolates.


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