Angel Cabrera not only golfer on fire

There's a reason I'm Doctor Dribbles and not, say, Professor Pars-a-lot (my uncontrollable bladder is not that reason). Quite frankly, if I play a round of golf, I'm not just hitting the ball off the green and into the rough--my course is the rough, with a few sand traps thrown in.

Thus, it's with a sense of sympathy and just a bit of schadenfreude, that I read about the golfer who hit into dry grass--and burned 20 acres trying to get out.

A wayward golf shot and the resulting chip from tall, dry grass sparked a brush fire near a Reno golf course. Fire officials say when [the golfer] tried to play back to the fairway, his club struck something that created a spark and touched off the blaze.

Sounds believable enough...except for the mysterious "something" that touched off the blaze. Could it be, perhaps, 1) a pyromaniac 2)with a lighter and 3) a terrible Emo soundtrack?

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At July 12, 2007 at 4:23 PM, Anonymous Bryan Quillen said...

Hey.... I like my soundtrack. I might be a pyro... and my zippo seems to be my best friend... but geeze c'mon. Im just a kid trying to get some views on youtube.



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