We have become what we hate

So we were all set at We Rite Goode to go ahead and lambast the mock draft craze as inexorable, painful, and (generally) a waste of time.

Of course, when we saw the opportunity to be in a blogger mock draft ourselves...well, "threw ourselves at" doesn't do justice to how fast we tried to grab a spot.

Not to be confused with the mock blogger draft--we're still unsure what to make of that--nor an earlier blogger mock draft, Awful Announcing has organized an epic two-round, four-day, 800-blogger extravaganza (well, it just feels that way)...and AA promises an interesting wrinkle when all is said and done.

We're not sure what else we're at liberty to say, other than We Rite Goode is repping Orlando, but plan to return and offer some insight into our mock draft before tomorrow's real draft is done.

You know: why we picked who we did, what the pressure was like in the "war room"...how our witty comments kept getting rejected by the message board.

All the crucial, irrelevant details we know you can't live without!

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