No no-no

So I'm sitting here, after reading on that Blue Jays pitcher Dustin McGowan is trying to close out a no-no, and completely failing at finding the feed...because the four major ESPN networks are showing pool (ESPN), ladies golf (ESPN2), some NASCAR run-down (ESPN News), and kickboxing (ESPN Classic). None of the various local stations showing sports are cutting into their programming either, but I expect that.

But ESPN News, seriously? You'd think a no-hitter qualifies as "sports news" and worth interrupting some NASCAR water-cooler talk.

There better be a good reason why some sports network isn't cutting into its coverage with the feed. Can someone tell me if this has to do with MLB's cable rights (i.e., MLB extra innings)? I just want to know who to be angry with.

(Update: McGowan blew the no-no in the top of the 9th. But I would've known that sooner if some channel aired it live).


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