How can DC be a dismal sports town? We've got Steinberg!

Anyone who's read We Rite Goode these past weeks knows of our man-love for DC Sports Bog's own Dan "D-Steinz" Steinberg. The man is a multimedia powerhouse--Blogs, YouTube, TV. Oprah, watch out!

Of course, what transformed mere respect for Mr. Steinberg to full-on admiration was his selection of a WRG post--the ill-titled "Yet another reason for fast-food cashiers to love their jobs"--for the top spot in "Today's Top Five," his semi-frequent blog round-up. However, that was last Tuesday; shortly thereafter, Mr. Steinberg abruptly abandoned his post, most likely to get his head examined, if not to pick daisies until today. As a result, our post has sat atop the DC Sports Bog's page for a week...which we choose to interpret as SeƱor Bog's tacit recommendation that WRG has been a must-read for seven straight days.

Sir, we salute you. Your taste may be poor, but your generosity to young bloggers knows no bounds.

So it was with some disappointment that we learned of one "CBS Sportsline columnist" calling our fair city "comical" when it comes to the sporting front. Sure, the Redskins haven't been relevant for a decade, and yes, the Nats are suffering the predictable woes that make them Ex-Expos. But we've got a basketball superstar in Arenas, a flashy scorer in Ovechkin, a soccer powerhouse in United...and some of the best sportswriters. In part because the WaPo staffs the deepest lineup since the 1927 Bronx Bombers. Quite frankly, Wilbon, Feinstein, Mike Wise et al. wouldn't be as interesting without each other--you read the paper every day, you get incisive sports commentary. And can you imagine Kornheiser's shtick in Dallas or Miami? There's a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that would be lost...

(Not that we're against those cities! It's a stupid exercise by the columnist, who we won't link to to boost his readership, but speaks to the current sports wasteland between the NBA Finals and NFL season. Pundits need something to pund-ificate on.)

Plus, we've got Mr. Steinberg running all over town expanding the various sports options. Did "CBS Sportsline columnist" factor in poetry when slamming DC? Or was he too underhanded to include our professional softball team? And how about the shooting rise of our rock, paper, scissors scene?

(Yes, we submitted the RPS post to DCist too. Like the Beach Boys, we're trying to get around.)

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