Well, Simmons knows best!

So...a quick order of events:

* Bill "Sports Guy" Simmons was getting knocked for a few bad draft predictions...so I stuck up for him.

* Steve Danley, burgeoning writer and ex-Penn basketball player, poked holes in a few top draft prospects...so I criticized him.

But now Simmons just validated Danley's "surprisingly good take" on various prospects in ESPN.com's own mock draft today (scroll down to Atlanta at no. 11):


Well, good for Danley--Simmons just ensured that he'd get a lot more eyeballs, if not ink. But I'm standing by what I wrote: The article may be well-structured and interesting. Heck, it's even insightful.

But doesn't change the fact that Danley's an egomaniacal madman out to rule the world.

(To be honest--I'm more than ok with Danley's "I would take these players" argument; it's the "I'd stay away from these guys" part that needed some refinement--or tacit acknowledgment that, warts and all, he's not in their league).

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