Buccaneers, PowderPuff Posse standout Alstott to retire

Word out of Tampa Bay is that FB Mike Alstott will call it a career.

Man's got a lot to be proud of--a Super Bowl title, many awards, the ability to drive Redskins fans crazy. But I can only think back to the glory days of 2001-2002. No, not the Bucs' playoff season or Alstott's Pro Bowl appearance. Please, what a boring team to follow. Rather, it was the year when the powerhouse "PowderPuff Posse" rolled to a fantasy football title in the "Justice League," securing bragging rights among college housemates, not to mention a tidy little sum...we went to Sizzler for dinner.

OK: The Posse did have Peyton under shotgun and Tony Gonzalez catching passes. But it was Alstott's 10 rushing TDs--fitting, because we nabbed him in the 10th round--that shocked the league and carried us to the title.

So retire with pride, Mike. The Bucs may one day honor you with a ceremony or even a bobblehead, but you're already enshrined in our fantasy Canton.

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