The Hibachi will roast you

It's a scandal that's rocked the Wizards. Folks around basketball are shaking their heads, clucking their tongues.

No, it's not Andray Blatche--please, dude's last week's news (although the financial problems were a revelation).

Front and center now is Gilbert's plagiarism. Man makes a funny shark joke, but all hell breaks loose when word comes that the joke's...stolen!! Somewhere, the Wizznutz sheds a tear.

Now, bloggers have to be careful on this sensitive issue. Certainly, WRG doesn't want to condone the lifting of unattributed material. We don't need a high score on the M Zone Wonderlic test to know it's bad form.

On the other hand...

As Agent Zero points out, we'd never heard of "Ian Edwards" or his shark joke before. And who hasn't stolen a joke, or at least tried to?

But Gilbert doesn't need my feeble defense--Hibachi burns all who would take him down a peg. Patrick McEnroe, you been served.

(Suggestion for ESPN. You know, PTI is filmed in DC--and why get P-Mac to co-host when you could ask our favorite son, the Black President?)

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At September 9, 2014 at 4:06 AM, Anonymous excel formulas said...

Top and center now's Gilbert's plagiarism. Person creates some sort of hilarious shark scam, however many heck smashes reduce when phrase will come which the joke's... ripped off!! A place, the Wizznutz garden sheds some sort of tear.


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