Daniel Cabrera should be in pinstripes

As we slouch through We Rite Goode's official month of mediocrity (more on that later), it's fitting that the Orioles' Daniel Cabrera should return to Yankee Stadium and sort-of dazzle with a two-hitter.

Now, us few O's fans remember how Cabrera--who's not really inconsistent, just consistently unpredictable--nearly no-hit the Yanks on a magical late September '06 evening. Tonight was Cosa Salvaje's second straight dominating start in New York, or at least as strong as a 6 2/3 IP, 6 BB line can be.

Still, Yankee Stadium isn't especially pitcher-friendly, and the team's been desperate for effective starters, anywhere they can find them. This season, the Yanks have looked deep on the farm (Tyler Clippard and Matt DeSalvo), overseas (Kei Igawa), and even in the twilight zone (Carl Pavano), only to be disappointed at each turn.

If the trade deadline wasn't a factor, now would be the perfect time to turn around and try to deal Cabrera to a team he's dominated. But since it is, I don't think Cabrera would make it through waivers--some team would be seduced by his supposed upside and relatively thrifty price tag ($1.8M) into putting in a claim. Still, what's the worst that would happen if Daniel Cabrera became a Yankee? He'd own the Orioles in one start per year...and blow the game the other three times the teams meet? That's a trade I'd make in a heartbeat. The guy is a taller, slimmer, more talented version of Sidney Ponson. Let some other team bear the burden of unrealized potential.

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