's just so bleh

As hinted earlier this week, We Rite Goode is now officially mediocre.

Well, this time it's intentional.

Yes, August is the lousiest of months, and our riters plan to celebrate the lousiest of professional athletes along with it. We're going to think of our favorite Paul Sorrento and Kevin Duckworth memories; our Ron Mercer and Cam Janssen crushes will be fully aired. We may even share pictures of our Eric Bieniemy throwbacks.

Now, we admit that mediocrity is certainly relative; guys who've made it to the pros are obviously among the elite of the elite. But there's still a big, Cooperstown-sized difference between having, say, Roberto Alomar or Jeff Reboulet as your starting second baseman.

So feel free to join us as we go on this magical, memory tour. Tell us why we need to write about Bam Morris or Jeff Tarango. But know this: We're staying away from the terrible players who may have lucked into All-Star spots (cough, cough Scott Cooper) or ESPN gigs (do I even need to link here?). And while we really want to expound on the mediocrity of Chris Smith that annoying kid who played on our little league team, we'll just stick to mocking the professionals--we figure, they've got whole careers of proving they can take it.


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Now, we acknowledge that mediocrity is unquestionably family member; folks who definitely have made it for the pros tend to be certainly one of several professional on the professional. Yet there is nonetheless a huge, Cooperstown-sized variation among acquiring, say, Roberto Alomar or Rob Reboulet seeing that ones starting up minute baseman.

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