Somewhere between a Kid's Choice and an ESPY

In the department of random, dated news: The Stephon Marbury interview.

The highlights, if you will:

"We always wanna win the trophy. We call that the shiney stuff...I shoot to win because I shoot to win. And that's it."

"My sister Stephanie, that's my namesake, that's what she is to me...that's my daughter name...she been praying for this forever and it finally happened yesterday when I kissed her, I felt her body and I felt her soul. I was delighted to be kissing her. I couldn't even cry because I knew they were gonna be happy tears so I was able to control them. You know, you really cry when you really bad stuff."

"Like this! Do it with me baby!" [While dancing over Mets highlights]

Sure, the video's circulated for a month, but hey, if the very classy Steve Weinman of Taking it to the Rack can break it down via a "live journal" just last week, we're comfortable talking about it here. Besides, the video's back in the news, sort of. But we'll get to that.

Now, we all got a kick out of Steph's antics. But Taking it to the Rack's Steve verges on anathema when discussing this new, crazy Marbury; he wonders aloud that "maybe Steph isn’t all that much different than a far less skilled Gilbert Arenas."

And to that, I say:

Preposterous. Look, not only is Arenas is twice the player that Fallen Starbury is, but when it comes to being a goofball, he's the au natural Aaron to Steph's boosted Bonds. Arenas has a proven track record all the way back to college; at Arizona, he was stealing light bulbs and setting off fire alarms to get a laugh.

Meanwhile, Steph's...not a prankster. The only thing he stole at Tech was the boosters' money, if they wanted him to stick around for more than a year.

Sure, give Marbury some dap for his $14 sneakers, his charity work, his up-from-Coney Island life story. And yes, we love his new habit of giving interviews under the influence. However, when he's not chemically enhanced, Marbury normally is a surly dude. Arenas=spontaneously hilarious. As I wrote to Steve, the two guys hardly belong in the same sentence.

But another, notable blogger's down with the Marbury interview. Gilbert himself. From his spot on today, Agent Zero bestows a coveted honor...well, I'll just let you read it.

Usually I give out awards at the end of the year, but somebody won the “Best Interview of the Century” award this summer. If you guys haven’t seen it, you need to search “Marbury interview” on YouTube. If you don’t think this is the best interview in history, something is mentally wrong with you. It was so good, I watched it 12 times just to make sure that what I was watching was actually real and I wasn’t imagining it.

He’s like, “I’m going to average 10 points, 11-12 dimes, four assists …” And I’m like, “What? Last time I checked, dimes and assists were the same thing.” Then he answers his cell phone in the middle of the interview. And at the end he just starts screaming, “Do it with me now! Do it with me!” I had to rewind it just to make sure it was really Stephon Marbury on there. So, I present Steph with the "Interview of the Century" Hibachi Award!

So, alas, Marbury and Gilbert *are* in the same sentence; Hibachi himself has seen to it. Thus, Steve, I eat my words. And they definitely don't taste as good as whatever Steph's been chewing on.

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At August 17, 2007 at 12:15 PM, Blogger Steve Weinman said...

Hey Doc,

Very enjoyable piece -- really liked the Aaron-Bonds analogy between Gil and Steph.

It's been too long since I checked the HiBlogChi and didn't even know Arenas said all that about the Starbury interview -- very entertaining stuff as always.

Thanks for the kind words and the link -- it's much appreciated. Great to get a chance to reverse roles and be your reader this time around. Talk to you soon.



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