Not mediocre: Erik Bedard

As you may have noticed, We Rite Goode doubles as a support group for a few long-suffering Orioles fans. Earlier this year, fan #1 Mr. Jay Tibbs explained why we need to show Big Love to Jeremy Guthrie. Doctor Dribbles is no doubt preparing an homage to the perennially lousy Steve Traschel.

But there's a bigger arm on that pitching who last month threw the most dominant game (by game score) in the past five years.

Of course, we're talking about the O's Erik Bedard--the current major league strikeout king and, for my money, the best pitcher in the league.

Yes, I'm a biased O's fan; I'll seize whatever good news I can find. But the numbers bear Bedard's superior-ness out. Beyond the Ks, he's in the top three in the league for WHIP and ERA; he may not have the wins, because of a terible bullpen, but the winning percentage of .750 also is sterling.

However, I'm not going to spend much more time writing about Bedard, when someone else has already done twice as good a job. Over at Vegas Watch, there's a very excellent profile of the Canuck-leballer.

Bedard next pitches on Tuesday. Go O's.

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