Suckiness is contagious

I hesitate to take credit...but there's indisputable proof.

We've started a trend. Forget Garnett and Allen in Boston; move over, Brandon Webb and Ichiro. All over the blogosphere, writers are playing up the more, shall we say, "lousy" professional athletes. This "month two weeks of mediocrity" thing is catching.

Look no further than the Washington Post's Michael Lee, who recaps Jarvis Hayes' DC career, so much as it was, and wishes him well in Detroit. Like Lee, many will note that Hayes is the latest ex-Wizard to become a Piston (Rip Hamilton, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, and C-Webb among the more recent to swap uniforms)...Joe D is probably hoping he works out even half as well as any of those guys. Jarvis was a textbook disappointment; a lottery pick whose game (midrange jump shots) seemed perfectly tailored to a NBA niche. Lee thinks that injuries held him back; I think it's because he couldn't make an open shot, but that's just me.

Meanwhile, at MVN's Taking it to the Rack, Steve Weinman (a Doctor Dribbles favorite) goes all...critical?...about Adonal Foyle. I'm not sure we need to hate on Foyle. The man is super-skilled--at stealing Chris Cohan's money.


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